Westerfolds Sports Centre has become a landmark of Templestowe and is continually expanding!

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About Us


Westerfolds is the go-to place for Swimming, Squash, and Racketball in Melbourne.
Our Templestowe branch has a Swim School providing lessons for all children starting from 6 months of age, 8 brilliant Squash and Racketball courts providing casual court hire, pennant teams, and a world-class junior programme.  Stocked with rackets, shoes, goggles, bathers, and accessories, we can meet all of your equipment needs for the pool and court.
Bayswater has 8 fully renovated courts and can service all of your court and product needs for Squash and Racketball. 


Court Bookings

Online booking system, you can book anytime from any location. Alternatively, you can book over the phone – 03 9846 1222

Juniors - Squash

Westerfolds Sports Centre has one of the most extensive private Junior squads in Australia. In association with Squash Mechanics, Westerfolds Sports Centre aims at providing some of the best Juniors in Squash through both a friendly and in-depth programs.  

Competitions - Squash

Westerfolds offers a number of different competition formats to suit all players, Beginner to Advanced, Junior to Masters. The club offers internal comps for players that want to play locally and have limited time, and external interclub comps in the Eastern Districts for those players who enjoy the pennant comp model.

Baby Swim

Babies from the age of 6 months love the warm, light and bright environment of our pool. You can quickly change on a change table beside the pool, hop in and take part in your lesson. Songs, toys, and activities are the way that we make you and your baby feel comfortable in the water over the 30-minute lessons. In a group of 8 babies and ‘carers’, you will see the progression from water babies to independent little swimmers who won’t need you in the pool anymore! 

Preschool Swim

Now that your child has turned 3 and has gained the necessary confidence to join a class of 4 students and their teacher, you can sit back in the viewing room and watch the fun unfold. The preschool classes are all about water confidence and then gaining the subsequent skills to move independently and most importantly, confidently through the water. We use flotation intermittently throughout the class to assist the kids in this process. Jumping in, dog paddling, facial submersion, blowing bubbles and back floats are what we are looking to see before we start teaching the four main strokes.  Limit of 4 children per 30-minute class.

Accelerated Swim

Nailed the big 4 and wanting more? How about you learn how to do butterfly, tumble turns and racing formats? Our experienced squad teachers will help you onto the next level and have your child swimming like a champion. Classes are capped at 6 and run for 45 minutes.



2 Swilk St, Templestowe VIC 3106
For Swimming - Jenny@westerfolds.com.au
For Squash - Rex@westerfolds.com.au
03 9846 1222