Gearbox GBX1 170 Quad Neon Yellow

$185.00 inc. GST


The Gearbox GBX1 170 Quad Anniversary Racquetball Racquet is part of the GBX1 racquet series for 2018. A new cosmetic in a racquet designed with more head stability throughout the swing and at ball impact and overall increased durability. This is the 170 gram version in the quadraform head shape. Players who play a control and touch game prefer this model designed for maximum control with power. At 170 grams it is our most popular weight.

Weight: 170g (unstrung)
Grip Size: SS (smaller) & XS (larger)
Head Size: 107 sq. inches
Length: 22 in.
Factory String: Gearbox 18g Monofilament, Black
No cover.
Gearbox GBX1 170 Quad Anniversary Racquetball Racquet Technologies:
Patented Solid Head Technology
Power String Bed
Displacement Channels
C3 Power Groove Technology – create concave shapes in the racquet head for power, control and durability
Maximum Sweet Spot
High Graphite content for stiffness, thus added power
Vibration Control System with dampener provided