Pro Kennex Momentum 170 Racquetball Racket

$190.00 inc. GST

The Pro Kennex Momentum 170 Pro Racquetball Racket

The Pro Kennex Momentum 170 Pro Racquetball Racket, They have been updated for the 2021 racquetball season with new graphics and a welcome new addition that enhances the arm-friendly design – a dampener! Something so small yet so significant, the new worm-style dampener included on all Momentum Pro models reaches across all 14 main-strings to minimize vibrations transferred into the handle upon impact with the racquetball. Then, Pro Kennex’s famous Kinetic tungsten/composite micro bearings in the handle take over, absorbing the rest of the harmful vibrations before they can travel up your arm and into your joints. Keep your energy focused on the game, not worrying about a sore elbow.
The Momentum Pro 170 Racquet is the best of both worlds, delivering a ton of power and effortless control thanks to its unique combination of specs. Glossy paint with pops of blue and white makes you stand out on court, while the white Pro Kennex Friction rubber grip keeps you firmly connected to this user friendly, and arm-friendly, work of art.

Racquet Specifications
Unstrung Weight:   170g*
Strung Weight:   195.3g
Strung Balance:   2 pts Head-Heavy
Strung Swingweight:   162 kg x cm² (high dynamic inertia = power)
Factory String:   Pro Kennex Pure Liquid 17 Black
Factory Grip:   Pro Kennex Friction Rubber Grip
Cover:   Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:   14 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: None Two Piece
Shared Holes: 6H, 7H, 4T, 5T
Head Size:  105 sq. in.
Head Shape:   Viperform
Racquet Length:   22 in.
Composition:   Graphite