Salming Kobra Men’s Mid Squash Shoe White

$120.00 inc. GST


SALMING KOBRA MEN’S MID SQUASH SHOE WHITE. We have some in White/Blue in stock and ready to go, So grab a pair while we have them at this price we have one (1) Pair of size US12 left,  1 x US12’s and once they are gone that’s it.

SALMING KOBRA MEN’S MID SQUASH SHOE WHITE. When developing the Kobra Mid – the sibling of Salming s success indoor shoe the Kobra launched in 2016 – we have been aiming for an indoor shoe icon – a shoe that would stand the test of time, combining a blend of lightweight, cushioning and stability. Compared to the regular Kobra – Mid has a higher shoe upper construction and lengthened lacing area – hence the model name Mid.
A new Wrap Around System Design (WAS Design)
In order to facilitate agility and stability but still maintain the lightweight characteristics, we have designed the midsole rear end with higher side walls that wrap around the heel area. In combination with the LMS Plus 8° and the new fully integrated ExoSkeleton construction, it ensures an excellent stability and perfect fit.

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