Help the Westerfolds Sports Centre to SQUASH Covid-19

Westerfolds Templestowe not only wants to survive the COVID-19 crisis but we want to re-open and come back with a bang. Unfortunately we are closed until further notice but we are already eagerly anticipating when we can open the doors and allow you to jump back on court to smash that ball around again.

Due to the forced closure, our club is in hibernation. Instead of letting it sit there dormant until we are allowed to re-open, we would love to be in there making upgrades to the club for your benefit once returning. As all of our revenue and income stream has come to a halt, we are asking members/visitors/squash lovers to make a tax deductible donation to help us raise funds to be proactive during this closure & improve the facility upon re-opening.

We’d love to:

  1. Paint the clubrooms
  2. Upgrade Court lighting to LED
  3. Start an elite junior academy
  4. Change tin heights adjustable to professional international standards
  5. Potentially turn Courts 4 & 5 into glassbacks

These closures have also made us miss out on running some of our yearly major events in April and May, however we are aiming to make up for this by bringing the community and local players a massive squash extravaganza towards the end of the year. Where we’d aim to run the Westerfolds Open, MS 24 Hour Squash Megathon & and a Professional PSA Squash Tournament over a 3-4 week period. Any additional funds on the upgrades listed above would go directly to bringing you an amazing experience at these events.

Simply click here to make a tax deductible donation through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation and help Westerfolds to SQUASH Covid19.