Westerfolds Swim School is committed to providing quality swim tuition with an emphasis on stroke technique and development.  Our dedicated instructors are Austswim and Swim Australia qualified, participate and contribute to our in-house training programs and participate in national professional development workshops.  Our instructors have many years of experience and are passionate and committed to the enjoyment and education of all our swimmers.

Our program caters for the nervous beginner to mini squad groups.

Our pool is 12.5 meters in length and has 4 lanes,  with a shallow end of .09 meters (we use a submerged platform for our little kids) and a deep end of 1.2 meters. The pool is heated year round to a toasty 33 degrees.

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baby swim


Babies from the age of 6 months love the warm, light and bright environment of our pool.

You can quickly change on a change table beside the pool, hop in and take part in your lesson. Songs, toys, and activities are the way that we make you and your baby feel comfortable in the water over the 30-minute lessons. In a group of 8 babies and ‘carers’, you will see the progression from water babies to independent little swimmers who won’t need you in the pool anymore!

preschool swim


Now that your child has turned 3 and has gained the necessary confidence to join a class of 4 students and their teacher, you can sit back in the viewing room and watch the fun unfold. The preschool classes are all about water confidence and then gaining the subsequent skills to move independently and most importantly, confidently through the water. Jumping in, dog paddling, facial submersion, blowing bubbles and back floats are what we are looking to see before we start teaching the four main strokes. Limit of 4 children per 30 minute class.

school aged swim


Come and join us after school to perfect the 4 main strokes- freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. In addition to the main 4, we will also look at swim and survival skills that include clothed swims and rescue scenarios.

accelerated swim


Nailed the big 4 and wanting more?  Our mini squad levels will teach your children how to do butterfly, tumble turns and racing formats.  Our squad teachers are experienced coaches and will take your child to the next level of swimming.

Questions & Answers

1. When are the classes?

Infants: Monday to Sunday mornings

Pre-School age: Monday to Friday and Sunday mornings, Saturday

School age: Monday to Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday and Sunday morning

2. How many in a class?

Infants: 1 – 8

Pre-School and School aged: 1 – 4

Accelerated Swim:1- 6 and 1 – 8

3. What is the cost?

We operate on a  fortnightly direct debit payment system. Our Swim Program is an annual program which commences January and runs through to December (pre Christmas). We do not charge for public holidays.
Please email reception@westerfolds.com.au for more information.

4. Make Up Lessons:

Six make up lessons are available within the Annual Program. To receive a make up class an absence must be registered online via the Westerfolds Customer Portal. Make up classes do not carry over into a new year.

5. Ready to enrol:

Please download our enrolment pack Enrolment form

6. More Information:

For more information contact us at reception@westerfolds.com.au.

bubble pics child

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Bubble Pics Photography

Document your child’s precious underwater journey with Bubble Pics.

Take home photography from an annual event held at Westerfolds.

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